Ready-made business on franchise

Start your online service for Instagram in 10 days and develop your business remotely from anywhere in the world!
This is one of the best $1,000 franchises.

What you get


You will receive a fully functional service on your domain. You will have access to the administrator’s page for working with clients.

On the other hand, the framework and the place of training of personnel is an interesting experiment to check the training system of personnel, corresponds to the pressing needs. Thus, the framework and the place of training of personnel allows performing important tasks for the development of appropriate activation conditions.

Admin panel

In the admin panel you have:

  • full access to the client’s working panel
  • view of the remaining tariff days
  • manual extension of the tariff duration
  • option to stop the client’s work

The admin panel is adaptive. You can monitor all service processes from any device.

Receiving payments

You can independently manage your finances and top up your balance.

Payment systems:

Work on the franchise Instapromo

Working on a franchise with Instapromo you get:

  • The result of many years of teamwork
  • Ready-made business with budget calculations
  • Team of developers and technical support
  • Knowledge base and our experience in PR and Marketing
  • Business plan for years ahead
  • The strongest team of specialists in SMM-marketing
  • The minimum cost per one customer in the market

Up and running system in 15 days

Profitability of a franchise

  • null

    $ 6000 / month

    average dealer revenue

  • null

    3-4 months

    payback time

Creating a service
from scratch

You can try to create the product yourself, but you will need:

  • Investments to start the system
  • Your own staff of developers and support
  • Spend months on product testing
  • Connect multiple additional services
  • Tests and mistakes


At the output, you will receive a local product, which will need to be continually refined and developed.

Development of the system

$ 50,000 / 6 months


$ 20 000 / 4 months

Together with the ready-made solution
you will get

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    Personal manager

  • null

    Operational Manual

  • null

    Dedicated IT team

  • null

    Marketing support

  • null

    Development Strategy

  • null

    Our experience and knowledge base

  • null

    Detailed analytics

  • null

    International clients

Instapromo today

  • null

    900 000 000 interactions per month

  • null

    390 000+ active users

  • null

    12 countries of presence

  • null

    support of 6 languages

  • null

    300.000 $ + monthly turnover of the system

  • null

    60+ promotion tools

Our partners

  • null


  • null

    Advertising exchanges

  • null

    Affiliate systems

  • null

    Representatives of small and medium business

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